IndiaAsksWhy | Season 2 | Ep. 1 | Why do we like chocolates?

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Learn about the part of the brain involved in making chocolate-eating an experience!

“Why do we like chocolates?” Utsuka asks!

Jigyasa was nibbling her bar of chocolate when Utsuka wondered, “Why do we like chocolates so much?” That question made them discuss how chocolate eating is an experience we love!

What makes chocolate-eating an experience? Why do we crave them so much? What part of the brain tells you to eat chocolate? Join Utsuka and Jigyasa to find answers to their chocolatey questions and many more in the first episode of Season 2!

To understand how brain researchers study this chocolate-eating experience, they talk with Dr. Nandini Chatterjee Singh, a physicist studying the human brain. From physics to brain – how did she make that transition? We’ll also get to know more about it in this episode!
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Hosts: Shweata N. Hegde and Ruchi Manglunia

Audio Editor: Indulekha MS

Poster: Ruchi Manglunia 

Advisor: Megha Kumar