Who are we?

We are the scientists at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), a premier life science research institute in Hyderabad, India. We study life through the cells and molecules that make life forms. And we tell the stories of our work and our lives through SciTales. 

What is SciTales?

SciTales is CCMB’s science communication website with the motto ‘Science Tales for All’. On this platform you will find articles, videos, podcasts, images and zines that will tell you about us and our work. You will also find the different discussions that we run on cutting-edge life sciences and their impact on all our lives to participate in them.

The scientists, young and wise, at CCMB create content for SciTales in collaboration with various artists. It is curated and edited by Dr Somdatta Karak, Science Communication and Public Outreach Officer at CCMB.

What Motivates us?

Much of the Indian student community and public largely remains unaware of the cutting-edge science that happens in research institutes. Most people think of science as only their school curricula. And for various reasons, that does not match with even the most basic work that a research lab involves itself in. 

SciTales is an effort towards providing better access and exposure to the science research underway at CCMB. We hope these are fun and engaging for not only young students but anyone who wants to think about and dive into the excitement of life sciences.

Contact us

Please mail us your questions at socialmedia@csirccmb.org