Pen meets Petri Dish: Unveiling Science through Creative Writing!

All disaster movies begin with the government deciding to ignore a scientist. But what exactly would a scientist say? Where do they get the information they keep in their heads? What makes them the experts in their respective fields?

This is what we shall explore in the first ever collaboration between the Write Club of Hyderabad, CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad and Superheroes against Superbugs (SaS). CCMB is one of the leading biological research institutes in India. It is one of the labs which comprise CSIR, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Ministry of Science and Technology, India.

CCMB does world-class biological research and is recognized all over the globe. The research facilities and research environment here are state of the art, and at equal standing with the best research facilities on earth. However, most of the general public are unaware of the kind of research that goes on here.

This is why we, the writers associated with the Write Club of Hyderabad, the largest group of writers in the twin cities, shall visit the institute and understand the research done by ONE scientist and their lab. We shall talk to the scientist and their students in an informal setting, ask as many questions as possible to understand their work to the fullest, and observe the facilities used to conduct the research.

For this first of many collaborations, alongside learning about the general research, we shall focus on understanding about global health issues like antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Bridging this gap, SaS extends its hand to simplify and shed light on the topic of AMR. This collaboration ensures we have access to a fountain of insights as we engage with Dr. Raghunand R Tirumalai, a principal scientist at CCMB, helping us to piece together the AMR puzzle.

Once we understand the research on AMR, let’s write about what we have grasped. We may pen down stories, poems, or any other kind of writing. We aim to creatively communicate the scientific nuances of AMR, making it accessible and comprehensible for a wider audience. This will not only help in spreading awareness but also encourage scientists to present their research in a manner that resonates with the public, without compromising on accuracy.

Thankfully this is not a disaster movie. It can never be. It can never be because when writers and scientists work together, nobody can truly ignore them.

Happy writing.

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