IndiaAsksWhy | Season 3 | Episode 1 | Why do we dream?

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“Why do we dream? Satakshi, Fareeha and Navika from Delhi Public School, Secunderabad ask. One morning when Utsuka and Jigyasa were visiting their curious friends, they were chatting about their funny dream experiences! That’s when one of them wondered why we have dreams at all.

In the first episode of the brand new season of IndiaAsksWhy, we take a deep dive into the functioning of human brains. We learn about the different ideas behind dreams and what might be causing them. We also spoke to the sleep scientist, Dr Nitin Chouhan, from TIFR Mumbai, to understand how one could possibly study sleep and dreams in a lab!

We’re sure that this conversation between the curious group would have made you curious too. You can send your follow up questions on our website, and we’ll pick them up 🙂

The transcript to the episode can be found, here

Poster by Mrunal Kulkarni


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  • Hosts: Shweata N. Hegde and Ruchi Manglunia
  • Guest scientist: Nitin Chouhan
  • Students: Navika, Shatakshi, and Fareeha from Delhi Public School, Secunderabad
  • Audio Editor: Kaviranjana Antony
  • Transcriber: Khushi Goel