Gayathri Sreedharan

Gayathri Sreedharan is a Ph.D student at CCMB-LaCONES, with Dr. Karthikeyan Vasudevan. While most of what she does is ‘counting frogs at night in the forests’, for her work on an amphibian fungal disease, she enjoys taking long walks in forests and waking up to loud hoots of Langurs or high-pitched chatters of Giant squirrels. She is interested in understanding the stories and traditions of the people of forests and their changing relations with the forests and how that has affected their livelihoods today. She finds it rewarding to be a small part of the evolving conversation with forests and people during her field work in Maharashtra. She enjoys writing down snippets of these dialogues in her ‘field diary’ to reminisce and collect them for reference to future stories.

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